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Music inspires me. Always has. Check out the playlist I put together for EVOKE. Chalked full of indie artists and popular bands, the list can be listened to in ascending order as you travel through the story, chapter by chapter, or shuffled, for a variety of sound. Enjoy!



EVOKE has love, loss, friendship & a Roaring 20's party where it all goes down!

"Want" is a short story published on Bellesa in 2018. A classic tale of intense intrigue at first sight and a connection that transcends life and circumstance, it is heralded as a story that carries "beauty is in its simplicity."


"Want" was published October 2018 and was one of Bellesa's 10 most popular erotic stories in 2018, coming in at #3 -- and today, remains in the top 20 of the site's most read stories! 



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