Featured in The Book Bratz blog: "Adults in YA: Why We Still Read, Part 3"

April 20, 2019

I grew up reading books about love. One of my favorite series as pre-teen was Sweet Valley High, and Judy Blume's Forever, changed the way I think about relationships at an early age. Through those stories, I learned love wasn't just about having the one you have a crush on like you back. It is much, much more. Feelings and relationships are more. Love is more, and often, complex, rich layered, and at times, not easy. It helps shape us, defines us, and changes us - for better or worse. 

I remain fascinated by love of all kinds: new, old, young, lost, unrequited, forbidden, irrevocable, even complicated. I find them fun to read, write and explore, especially when set against present day, a dystopian future, or supernatural world.


I love YA. 

I love reading about love in YA. 

Life is short, and complicated. And our hearts, when young, are capable of such intense, innocent, and irrevocable love. 


Check out this incredible series from The Book Bratz on Why Adults Still Read YA and you will see my thoughts on why I love reading YA and the power of young hearts. Thank you again to the team over there for including my thoughts in their series. 


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