New Urban Fantasy Short Story Series!

May 7, 2020


My urban fantasy short story series ELEMENTS OF VENGEANCE is finally ready to share with the world! You can find it on Amazon.


I have been playing around with this story idea for a few years now – kicking around drafts and story arcs – and finally decided to release as a short story series on Kindle. Why? I like the idea of trying something new to build readership and play with genres.


EOV is perfect for those who love stories that include magic and supernatural alongside our modern world. Transporting readers from streets of Seattle to the muddy riverbanks of New Orleans, the world of EOV is sexy, vibrant & magical, including medieval legends & supernatural forces!


“Part One - Hunter” is a fast-paced introduction to the two factions – Alchemists and Templar – that have been at war for eight centuries, and the series’ MC, Anna, an immortal hunter whose bound by not only a blood vow made by her kind centuries earlier, but a promise of her own: to hunt and eliminate their enemy from existence.


Each part will introduce readers to a new layer of the story, including new characters, with four parts planned in the first “book.” Part One is around 4,000 words, and two thru four an estimated 20k each (give or take). EOV is perfect for fans of Assassin's Creed x Underworld x The Last Airbender.


Give it a read and let me know what you think! It's FREE for Kindle Unlimited users and $.99 for buyers. 


Here's a look at the cover. What do you think? Guess who designed it? Moi! That's right. From concept to creation, it was drive by me and exactly what I wanted.

 The series MC Anna is a lethal hunter with skills not seen for centuries. She's brazen, bold, strong and unrelenting.  She's the anti-heroine we didn't know we needed until now! 



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